Jian Xu
Principal Investigator

Ph.D. Utrecht University 2005

The long-range objective of my research group is to understand specialized responses of the root stem cell niche to diverse environmental stresses, in order to open the path to understanding how plants perceive, respond and adapt to their environment to ensure their survival and productivity.


Research Fellow

Janaina De Santana Borges

Jixing Xia
Yanfen Lu

Zhiyong Li

Zhong Chen

Ximing Gong

Research Assistant

Meena O'Mahony

Ph.D. Student

Jing Han Hong

Juan Wang
Seng Wee Seah

Yanbin Wang

M.Sc. Student

Shuaiqi Zhang

Visiting Scholar

Dengdi Li

Zhenglan Wang

Wei Shi Sim
Research Assistant

Karthikbabu Kannivadi Ramakanth
Ph.D. Student

Tushar Warrier
Ph.D. Student
(Co-supervised withDr JonathanYuin Han Loh)

Jing Du
Research Fellow
Ph.D. Capital Normal University

I’m interested in auxin-ethylene
 crosstalk in plant growth regulation. Genetic screening and high-throughput sequencing analysis have been used to identify new components in the study. My work is aimed at dissecting the complexity of hormonal network in plant growth and development.

Xin Tian
Research Fellow
Ph.D. University of Edinburgh

I have a strong interest in plant regeneration. Taking advantage of the Arabidopsis root tip regeneration system, I am trying to understand how the root stem cell niche regenerates after wounding injury. I aim to decipher the molecular mechanisms behind this marvelous biological phenomenon, using genetic and genomic approaches.

Chen Zhang
Research Fellow
Ph.D. National University of Singapore

I am working on an exciting and challenging project related to plant regeneration using the Arabidopsis root system as a model. I hope to discover the molecular pathways which control cell dedifferentiation, transdifferentiation and redifferentiation processes in plants. Here, I learned that life is a climb, but the view is great.

Amrit Bhal
Ph.D. Student
(Co-supervised with Prof Prakash Kumar)

Ajay Devendran
Ph.D. Student

@Sprouting from the Root

Aigul Kursanovna Akhmetova
Ph.D. Student